Spin In Circles

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Does running away from your problems count as exercising?      

achieved: actually doing things // drank: coffeecoffee // read: vienna maps // heard: kexp // watched: twin p eaks, veronica mars // thought: how will my life go on? // hated: being afraid of feelings // loved: drinks on a vienna rooftop, drinking champagne in bathrobes // looking forward to: the lectures of winter semester.

achieved: speaking my mind, i guess // drank: coffee, tea, beer and gin tonic // read: freaks // heard: DFA 1979 // watched: true detective, hannibal, the walking dead, twin peaks, boyhood, her (yes, semester break is for series and movies mostly) // thought: i wonder if a friendship will work out between us again // hated: people overreacting and telling me that i was selfish and only think of me // loved: my new haircut, hearing that he missed me on his birthday // looking forward to: vienna, perhaps.

i think my mistake was that i never stopped believing in a happy ending.